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Video productions combine pictures and sound.  This type of digital file is more complex than other document formats.  It's more complex than print documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and audio files.  Want to make video production easy?  Want to make your projects manageable? 

Then carefully plan your videos.  Think about what video gear you are working with.  Think about what you can do.  Plan your video.  Plan how you will record it.  Plan how you will capture the audio. 

Then, carefully follow your plan to produce it.  You may need to change your plans.  That is fine.  When you produce videos, you will find ways to make your plan better.  Record your video and audio as best you can.

Finally, you will finish the video.  Digital video is easy to edit on a computer.  After you produce the video, you will want to finish it using computer software.  This is called "post-production".  If you have carefully planned your video, you will find it easier to produce.  Once you produce the video, it will be easy to finish on a computer following your plan. 

Video production is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Planning your video
  2. Producing your video (production)
  3. Finishing your production (post-production)

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